Two decades ago the term “spirituality in the workplace” would have been considered an oxymoron, for spirituality was thought to be a private matter whose proper place was in one’s mind and heart and, perhaps, in church. But today the association between spirituality and work is a cutting edge phenomenon not only in faith based organizations but in for-profit businesses and corporations around the world.

Based on the recognition of the three dimensional nature of the person (body, mind, spirit), and on the distinction between spirituality and religion (the former having no particular set of beliefs or practices), business leaders have begun to realize that nurturing the whole person in a work setting positively influences engagement, productivity, retention, and morale, and that it makes their organization attractive to potential associates.

Tom has facilitated spirituality in the workplace gatherings for the following organizations:

  • The American Cancer Society
  • Penrose Hospital
  • Avista Hospital
  • Littleton Adventist Hospital
  • Catholic Health Initiatives
  • Trinity Health
  • Centura Health
  • National Association of Catholic Chaplains
  • City of Colorado Springs
  • Association of Geriatric Care Managers

Workshop titles include:

  • Enlightened Leadership
  • CPR for the Soul at Work
  • Our Mission at Work: Caring for and From Our Soul
  • Holy Ground: Spirituality in the Workplace