“Spiritual practice” is a term that refers to those activities that help us stay connected to our souls. Prayer, meditation, spiritual direction, spiritual reading (lectio divina), and religious devotions are classic forms of spiritual practice.  Some find that participation in retreats whose focus is on the spiritual life is a good way to stay in touch with and to nurture their interior life. Following are the titles of some of the retreats Tom has facilitated:

  • CPR for the Soul
  • Living in the “I” of the Hurricane
  • Thomas Merton: Guide for a Seeker’s Soul
  • A Community of Mystics: A New/Old Way of Being Church
  • Becoming Our True Self Again
  • Meaning In the Madness
  • Religion: Help or Hindrance on the Spiritual Path
  • A Spirituality for Men

These and other retreats have been presented to:

  • School faculties
  • Churches
  • Religious communities
  • Businesses
  • Book clubs