Sweet Solitude

“When from our better selves we have too long Been parted by the hurrying world, and droop,                                    Sick of its business, of its pleasures tired,            How gracious, how benign, is Solitude;                                    How potent a mere image of her sway”      With a poets mind, heart, and gift for words, William Wordsworth, in … Continue reading Sweet Solitude

Live Large

“When we confine ourselves to the village, we lose touch with our true nature. No wonder soul alienation is suffered by most people in the industrialized cultures of the Western world… At one time in our lives…we’ve experienced an emptiness at our core, a sense that our lives don’t make sense, that something essential is … Continue reading Live Large

Ready or Not

     “Life always gives us exactly the teacher we need at every moment. This includes every mosquito, every misfortune, every red light, every traffic jam, every obnoxious superior (or employee), every illness, every loss, every moment of joy or depression, every addiction, every piece of junk, every breath. Every moment is the guru.”        Perhaps … Continue reading Ready or Not

Torn to Pieces

“The spirituality of imperfection speaks to those who seek meaning in the absurd, peace within the chaos, light within the darkness, joy within the suffering…This is not a spirituality for saints or gods, but for people who suffer from what the philosopher-psychologist William James called “torn-to-pieces-hood”…We have all known that experience, for to be human … Continue reading Torn to Pieces